1: What is Emergency Services and whom they need?

Answer: Emergency Services stands for CCU (Coronary Care Unit) and CICU (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit). Actually, Emergency Service is the service where the patients could not be improving and recovering their health conditions during the treatment and they need the best treatment for their health recovery in lieu of present treatment for this they are shifted to the best hospital for their proper and hi-tech treatment by which they could sustain and revitalize their life style.

2: What is an Air Ambulance and whom they need?

Answer: Air Ambulance Service is one of the fastest and quickest emergency services where the patients are transferred from one city to another city under the world class specialist medical team by Private Aircraft or Economical Airlines. If the patients are very serious are needs urgent CCU or CICU service out of the city then only private Air Ambulance Service is rendered and provided to them. It is available to the serious patients within 3-4 hours only after the call booking. Private Aircraft is fully well-equipped with all CCU or CICU essential equipments such as- ventilator, cardiac monitor, suction machine, infusion pump, nebulizer machine; defibrillator, oxygen cylinders and all necessary equipments are available to the serious patients as per their requirement. Commercial Airlines emergency service is the service where patients are transferred into economy class or business class for this they need the clearance of fit of transferring certificate after then they can be shifted from one city to another city. Primarily, it is available to them who are stable and conscious and no addicted with serious diseases. It is available to the needy after one or two days. It is cheaper than private aircraft.

3: What is a train ambulance and whom they need?

Answer: Train/Rail Ambulance is the CCU or CICU emergency service where the serious patients are transferred by train in either Tier 2 AC or Tier 1 AC or Tier 3 AC as per demanding under the full CCU or CICU setups like- Ventilator, Suction Machine, Cardiac Monitor, Infusion Pump, Nebulizer Machine, Defibrillator, Oxygen Cylinders etc available to the patients during their transferring from one bed to another bed under the specific and keen supervision of MD doctors and medical staffs. It is available to all the needy on train schedule time within same day or 1 day or 2 days later only after the call booking. It is cheaper than Air Ambulance Service. Now-a-days, it is the most popular among the patients’ relatives; it is because of it is totally economical and affordable price than others. Mostly, Train Ambulance Services take care of both the very serious patients and stable patients. That is why, it has both CICU emergency services like full ICU services and Semi-ICU services and both serious/unconscious patients are being transferred and normal/conscious/stable patients are being transferred under the required supervision of medical team.

4: What is the documentation for the Air Ambulance, Train Ambulance and Road Ambulance Service?

Answer: It is the very important question for the guests or call bookers. National Air Ambulance Services has Patients’ case summaries and ID proofs, International Air Ambulance Services has Patients’ case summaries, ID proofs, Visa, Passport and NOC certifications. Train Ambulance Services has Patients’ Case Summaries and ID Proofs while Road Ambulance Services has some formalities. As all the documentations are completed as per given time or determined time any of them emergency services is available to the needy after the call booking.